Growing up, when asked my middle name, I would answer embarrassingly only after a long, unsure pause. “…Ruth.” – immediately followed with a hasty “I know…it’s old-fashioned.” I had never met anyone with the name Ruth, and since I was named after my great-grandmother, I automatically determined it sounded outdated and irrelevant to all the modern, trendier names available in my generation.

It’s only been in my adulthood that I have unearthed more meaning behind the name and story of “Ruth”. In ancient times, a name signified more than what a person was called – it also illustrated a person’s personality and identity.  The name “Ruth” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “companion or friend”.  She is also the key character in the book of Ruth, demonstrating fierce loyalty, steadfast perseverance, transparent honesty, and blind faith.  These very qualities are what He continues to chisel, often painfully, in my own life and heart.

With a sense of feeling “found”, I embraced my name as an illustration of my story.

As such, I am Ruth by design…in His creative, sovereign design, He calls me Ruth.

I believe every story has a design, and every design tells a story.

I revel in helping you design your story.